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N2(g)+3H2(g)<=>2NH3(g) +▲H
if uou are preparing NH3, hiw does the following increase the yield of NH3?
(a) ▲[N2] ▲[H2]
(b) ▲T of the chamber storing NH3
(c) ▲P of the system
(d) ▲[NH3(g)]

* <=> equilibrium
* ▲ change

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    I'm a little confused by the question; I may write more than is necessary. This question is about Le Chatelier's principle and which direction the reaction will shift. Shift to the right means more NH3 is produced at the expense of N2 and H2. Shift to the left means NH3 is decreasing while N2 and H2 are increasing.

    Adding N2 or H2 shifts to the right. Removing N2 or H2 shifts to the left.
    Increasing T of NH3 shifts to the left. Decreasing T of NH3 shifts to the right.
    Delta P of the system--increase P shifts to the right; decreasing P shifts to the left.
    Add NH3 shift to the left; remove NH3 shifts to the right.

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