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Posted by amanda on Monday, February 18, 2013 at 9:11am.

here is the sentences:
1,2:Duane feels he ____(e)d too many years in inactivity, so now he welcomes the _______s of an exercise program.
3,4. The company decided to ______the construction of its new pant until the architects could decide on how to ___an employee gym into the new building.
5,6 My aunt has only ____success in quitting smoking. Every few months she _____s to temptation, and then she has to quit all over again.
7,8. As Leo explained a failed business deal that had once_____(e)d him, he _____(e)d into the even more interesting tale of his romance with Molly, his business partner.
9,10. The infomercial offered free samples, ninety-day trails, and every other ______possible to get me to buy the "miracle medicine that would change my life." However, I found the sales pitch highly implausible". I simply could not believe that this product was ____to my well-being
1. incorporate

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