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Tuck Everlasting/Natalie Babbit

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WHat are the symbols in this book.


  • Tuck Everlasting/Natalie Babbit -

    Did you read through the linked webpage I gave you in your post below?

    If you think these are symbols, you have to be ready to state what each one represents. Remember that symbols are THINGS (and you have listed 4 things) that stand for an idea or other abstract.

    What do you think?

  • Tuck Everlasting/Natalie Babbit -

    is this right

    Toad-Freedom metamorphosis life growing and changing
    Wheel-Life flows round and round life and death endless rotating wheel life keeps going on and on
    Music box-Happiness and peacefulness
    tree symbol of life

  • Tuck Everlasting/Natalie Babbit -

    All sound right. You might need to add more explanation for the toad and the tree, more details explaining each.

  • Tuck Everlasting/Natalie Babbit -

    The Toad, like the tucks, had been removed from the wheel of time. He is metamorphosis frozen, and unchanging.

    The music box: the one object that changes almost as little as they do, it recalls the time before the spring ruined their lives. As such it is a bittersweet memento. Also, it is the bait that gets her into the forest where she would not have otherwise gone, without it's stimulating her curiosity.

    other symbols...
    Her gravestone: The symbol that she chose life over immortality.

    The forest beyond her fenced yard: Freedom and the mystery of the unknown.

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