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4.Brad is the kind of (rigorous resourceful) quarterback who can always come up with something new when it is a matter of victory or defeat

5.If you think that you can get away with selling overpriced products to the people of this town you are (deluding refurvishing) yourself

6.One of the signs of a truly democratic nation is that it gives protection and freedom to (initiatives nonconformists) who espouse unpopular views

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    4 is wrong. The other two are right.

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    7.She hopes to win the election by convincing voters that the city's troubles result from the (bumbling unerring) policies of the present Mayor

    8.In devising the Constitution the Founding Fathers sought to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our (posterity foils)

    9.Since you have failed to carry out your promises I must tell you that the agreement between us is now (resourceful null and void
    null and void

    11.We must (engulf formulate) a plan to deal with this new situation and carry it out as a quickly as possible the president said

    12.He may look like an ordinary man but he is in fact a figure of real (panorama consequence) in the state government

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    All are right except for 7.

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    13.The lawyer made the point that her client had been at the scene of the crime before the murder but not (subsequent null and void) to it

    14.By coaxing and questioning hour after hour Tom finally managed to (pry delude) the big secret from his sister

    15. What we lightly refer to as our foreign policy in fact embraces a vast (panorama consequence) of aims and objectives, problems and concerns

    16.Why is it that such hardworking self reliant people now have to depend on a (posterity dole) of food and other necessities from charitable agencies

    17.Perhaps he doesnt seem to be very bright but he has an (abominable unerring) instinct for anything that may make money for him

    18.All these things in the attic may seem like a lot of junk to you but to me they are priceless (mementos nonconformists) of childhoods

    19.We all know that it is a long time since the speeding laws in our community have been (subsequently rigorously) enforced

    20.Here I am on my first vacation in 3 years, and I have to put up with this (abominable bumbling) weather day after day

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    19 is wrong.

    Everything else is right.

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    17 unerring

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    You're welcome.

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