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A simple pendulum in a certain planet is found to vibrate 50 times in 100s. Find its (a) period, (b) its frequency. (c) When 1.5m of its length is cut, it vibrates 50 times in 50 s. Find the original length of the pendulum.

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    (a) The original pendulum has a period of
    P = 2.0 seconds.
    (b) f = 1/P = 0.5 Hz
    (c) Cutting off 1.5 meters reduces the period to 1.0 s. The original length L was four times the final length L', since Period is proportional so sqrt L.

    L' = L - 1.5 = 0.25 L

    L = 0.75 L = 1.5
    L = 2.0 m

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