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A 1,600 kg car traveling north at 10.0 m/s crashes into a 1,400 kg car traveling east at 15 m/s at an unexpectedly icy intersection. The cars lock together as they skid on the ice. What is their speed after the crash?

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    Use conservation of momentum to get the north and east components of the final velocity, V. Then compute the resultant V, which will be the hypotenuse.

    3000*Vy = 1600*10 = 16,000 kg m/s
    3000*Vx = 1400*15 = 21,000 kg m/s
    Vy = 5.333 m/s
    Vx = 7.00 m/s
    Speed = sqrt[Vx^2 + Vy^2] = 8.8 m/s
    (Friction has been assunmed negligible becasue of the the ice.

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