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A conveyor belt carries supplies from the first floor to the second floor, which is 27 feet higher. The belt makes a 60° angle with the ground. How far do the supplies travel from one end of the conveyor belt to the other? Round your answer to the nearest foot. If the belt moves at 75 ft/min, how long, to the nearest tenth of a minute, does it take the supplies to move to the second floor?

47 ft; 38 min
31 ft; 0.4 min
38 ft; 23.3 min
16 ft; 1.1 min

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    You are just looking for the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle with height 27 and base angle of 60°
    using fundamental trig ....

    sin60° = 27/h, where h is the hypotenuse
    h = 27/sin60 = 31.1769 ft
    = 31 ft, 2 inches

    time =distance/rate = 31.1769/75 = .416 minutes

    choose your answers

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  • geometry - ,

    your neighbor is standing at the top of a 14 foot ladder. the base is 4 feet from the house. how far off the ground is your neighbor

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