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Homework Help: The Diary of Anne Frank

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3. Read the following monologue from Scene 4 of The Diary of Anne Frank.

ANNE: I’m trying. Really I am. Every night I think back over all of the things I did that day that were wrong . . . like putting the wet mop in Mr. Dussel’s bed . . . and this thing now with Mother. I say to myself, that was wrong. I make up my mind, I’m never going to do that again. Never! Of course I may do something worse . . . but at least I’ll never do that again! . . . I have a nicer side, Father . . . a sweeter, nicer side. But I’m scared to show it. I’m afraid that people are going to laugh at me if I’m serious. So the mean Anne comes to the outside and the good Anne stays on the inside, and I keep on trying to switch them around and have the good Anne outside and the bad Anne inside and be what I’d like to be . . . and might be . . . if only . . . only . . .

Why does Anne most likely share her feelings in this monologue?

She wants her father to feel sorry for her because she cannot make good choices.
She wants her father to understand she is trying to be a better person.
She wants to make excuses for her bad behavior so she won’t get in trouble.

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