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a person observed from the top of a light house which is 80 m above the sea level that angle of depression of two ships are 45 degree and 60 degree.
The two ships are on same side of the light house.They are in the line with the foot of the light house.find the distance between the two ships

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    If the near ship is at distance x and the far ship at distance y,

    x/80 = cot60°
    y/80 = cot45°

    The ships are y-x apart.

    y-x = 80(1-1/√3) = 33.8m

    not very far apart, eh? And both are about ready to crash into the shore!

    These ridiculous scenarios bug me. If we're working with such small distances, don't involve ships at sea! Otherwise, say the angles are 12° and 9° or something that will put the ships far away from shore!

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    thank u so much

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