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charge q1=+4.00nc is located at x=0.200m, and q2 =+5.00nc is at x=-0.300 m. what are the magnitude and directionof the net force exerted by these two charges ona negative point charge q3 = -0.600 nc placed at the origin ?

I think I need to find the F of q1q3 then find the F of q2q3

F1 of q1q3 is -5.394*10^-6
F2 of q2q3 is 2.99*10^-6
so, the total F = -5.39*10^-6 + 2.99*10^-6
total F = -2.40*10^-6N

the answer is
the magnitude is -2.40*10^-6N
the direction is -x direction

Is it the right answer ? I need help

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