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i do not have a history book, and i have a worksheet that requires one, my school does not handout textbook, they only have textbooks in the class, so please help

thank you if you do

why was the us able to expand its war production so quickly after the attack on pearl harbor?

what government policies helped American industries to produce large quantities of war materials?

why was the production of trucks, jeeps, and tanks so critical to war?

what military need led to the production of liberty ships?

why did the military begins to recruit African Americans?

What theatere of the war did the Tuskegee Airmen serve?

how did the status of women and african americans in the armed forced change during the war?

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    You have three choices:

    1. Complain to the teacher about not being able to take a book home for this kind of assignment.

    2. Do your work in class.

    3. Look up these terms on Google.

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    lol thank you, i do, but its not the teacher, the principle wont let em give us the textbook for home, i tried to do the work in class but didn't finish, these are the only questions that i need done, and i tried that, its not really answerin the question

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