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There are 4 chocolate chip cookies and 12 oatmeal cookies in a jar. If you reach in an randomly choose 2 cookies without replacing the first, what is the probability that both will be chocolate chip?

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    There are 16 cookies in the jar,

    Since there are 4 choc chips you have 4/16 or 1/4 to get a choc chip

    You have to multiply 1/4 times the chance of getting a second choc. chip.
    Since you aren't replacing, you now have 3/15 chances since you have to assume you got the choc. chip the first time and there were only 15 cookies left.
    Multiply 1/4 times 1/5.

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    Thank you so much JJ! I am home schooled and I have been struggling with these probability questions! You explained it and it made sense! Thanks!

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