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Renaissance Assignment

What was the attitude of Church leaders and the wealthy toward the arts? Why?
The attitude of the church was encouraging and loved the art that was being done because they were willing to spend tons of money for art. They became patrons and supported the artists.
2.How were the works of German painters different from those of the Flemish painters? Give examples.
German painters usually painted portraits, landscapes, and classic myths or made woodcuts and engravings. Flemish painters used a layering technique with their paints to create a variety colors and tried to show their subjects personality.
3.What impact did Henry VIII’s actions have on England in the second half of the 1500s?
By the second half Henry was dead. He had three children so therefore they had different rulers. They created a religious turmoil. His daughter who was Catholic who returned the English Church to the rule of the pope. Her efforts met with considerable resistance, and she had many Protestants executed.

4.What role did noblewomen play in the Reformation?
Noblewoman protected reformers, such as Marguerite of Navarre, protected John Calvin from being executed for his beliefs while he lived in France.

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