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the heights of female students at a particular college are normally distributed with the mean 169 cm and standard deviation 9 cm.

1) Given that 80% of these female students have a height less than h cm ,find the value of h.

2) Given that 60% of these female students have a height greater than s cm,find the value of s.

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    1) H~N(169,9^2)
    (H< (h-169)/9)=0.80
    (fi)a =0.80 (look for 0.80 in the normal distribution table)
    the closest # to 0.80 is 0.7995 at 0.84
    0.0005 is left to make 0.80 so look for that in the add part of the table 5 is at 2
    so the a=0.842
    we suggested a as (h-169)/9 =0.842
    solve, h=176.6

    2) (H>s)=0.6
    Standardize the s , (H>(s-169)/9)=0.6
    s is negative because ; if its greater than the random variable which is (s) and the probability is greater than 0.5 then the random variable is negative
    rule states that ; (fi)b=0.6
    from the table (0.6) is 0.5987 at 0.25
    0.0013 left for it to equal 0.6
    from the table take the minimum value which is 12 at 3
    so b is 0.253
    its ngative so b is -0.253

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