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Homework Help: World history; Check:P

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Before the 1500s, who and what were the final authorities with regard to most knowledge?

The church and it's leaders, the bible, and the king/queen. If they could not come up with an answer to a question, they would say that God did it.

2.What was the legacy of the Enlightenment?

Role of the philosophes: The philosophes are not activists, but inspire major revolutions-Belief in progress: scientific breakthroughs show human capacity to improve society-A more secular outlook: new knowledge of the world leads people to question religious ideas. Voltaire and others criticize beliefs and practices of christianity. -Importance of the individual: people place more emphasis on individual rights and abilities. Reason becomes a central concept for rulers

Why were several rulers in 18th century Europe known as enlightened despots?
The enlightenment ideas appealed to millions of people. While most of them were poor or homeless, there were those in the upper class who also agreed with the idea of natural rights. They used their power to pass through new, enlightened ideas as laws or rules.
What were the defining aspects of neoclassical art?
It tried to imitate classical subjects and heroic poses.

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