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I have two questions...

if the radius of the two areas is 12in find the length of a chord of an arc of 45, 35, and 60 degrees.

#2 the bases of a trapezoid are 30in and 9in and the nonparallel sides are 10in and 17in. Find the area.

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    Draw the trapezoid. The ends are two triangles with bases x and 21-x (why?)

    If the height is h,

    x^2+h^2 = 10^2
    (20-x)^2 + h^2 = 17^2

    equating the two expressions for h^2, we have

    17^2 - (21-x)^2 = 10^2 - x^2

    Now you can solve for x, and then h.

    The area is then (30+9)/2 * h

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    Thank you so much Steve!

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