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Andrea buys four shirts and three pairs of pants for $85.50. She returns the next day and buys three shirts and five pairs of pants for $115.00. What is the price of each shirt and each pair of pants?

How would I solve this?
I need to show my work...

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    Let x = cost of each shirt
    let y = cost of each pair of pants

    4x+3y = $85.50
    3x + 5y = $115.00

    You can use the Addition/Elimination method to solve this problem. You have to eliminate one of the variables. You can multiply the top equation by -3 and the second equation by 4. This will cause the x's to be eliminated.

    You can then solve for y. Once you have y, go back into one of the original equations to solve for y.

    Be sure to check your answers in both of the original equations.

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