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2.Find the length of the arc in a circle if the radius of the circle is 24cm and the degree of the arc is 90o

3.Find the length of the arc if a circle if the degree if the arc is 120o and the length of the radius is 8cm.

4. A circle has a radius of 7. Find the diameter (D) and the (A).

5. Find the circumferemce of a circle if the area is 9/25pift^2.

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    #1 and #2 are the same type of problem
    I will do #2
    whole circumference = 2π(8) = 16π
    but 120° is 1/3 of the circle, thus the arc is 1/3 the circumference
    = (1/3)(16π) = 16π/3 cm or appr 16.755 cm

    #4 ??? come on now!!!

    #5 area = πr^2
    πr^2 = (9/25)π
    r^2 = 9/25
    r = 3/5

    circumf = 2πr = 2π(3/5) = 6π/5 ft or appr. .....

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