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in an attempt to establish the formula of an oxide of nitrogen , a known volume of the pure gas was mixed with hydrogen and passed over a catalyst at a suitable temperature. 100% conversion of the oxide to ammonia and water was shown to have taken place.

NxHy gives xNH3 + YH20

2400 cm3 of the nitrogen oxide measured at rtp produced 7.20g of water.The ammonia produced was neutralised by 200 cm3 of 1 mol per dm3.

What was the oxidation number of the nitrogen in the nitrogen oxide ?

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    NxOy + H2 ==> NH3 + H2O

    Here is what I did,
    7.2 g H2O = 7.2/18 = 0.4 mol H2O.
    200 cc x 1M = 0.2 mol NH3 produced = 0.2 x 17 = 3.4 g NH3. The product have a mass of 7.2 + 3.4 = 10.6 grams.
    0.4 mol O in H2O means we had 0.4 mol O in NO2. 0.2 mol NH3 means we had 0.2 mol N in the NxOy.
    N(0.2)O(0.4) = NO2 for the empirical formula of the NO compound.
    2NO2 + 7H2 ==> 2NH3 + 4H2O
    N is +4 in this compound.
    Check my work. I usually don't stay up this late.

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    here is what i did
    write the percent compostion,
    divide by their R.A.M,
    divide by the smallest number,

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