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biology (cell bio)

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Can someone explain the Nernst Equation and its purpose, in as simple terms as possible? For some reason it's just not clicking with me. Thanks!

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    The Nernst equation is just used to measure the electrical potential, for the purposes of cell bio, it is used to measure the electrical potential of ions across the cell membrane. The Nernst equation can be written as followed:


    [K+]i=ion concentration in cells
    [K+]o=ion concentration outside cells
    z= is the charge associated with the ion
    F=Faraday's equation
    R= Constant
    T=Temperature in Kelvin

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    Awesome, that makes much more sense. Thank you! My book was rather hard to follow in this section.

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    Not a problem. Just beware of my typos; F= Faraday's constant, not equation.

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