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ap chemistry

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A 115 mg sample of eugenol, the compound
responsible for the odor of cloves, was placed
in an evacuated flask with a volume of 500 mL
at 280C. After the eugenol completely evap-
orated, the pressure that it exerted in the
flask under those conditions was found to
be 48.3 Torr. In a combustion experiment,
18.8 mg of eugenol burned to give 50.4 mg of
carbon dioxide and 12.4 mg of water. What
is the molecular formula of eugenol?

  • ap chemistry -

    PV = nRT and solve for n.
    n = grams/molar mass. You know n and grams, solve for molar mass

    Convert CO2 and H2O to grams C and grams H and convert those to mols.

    Use those to find the empirical formul.
    Finally. (empirical formula mass)x = molar mass (from setp 1 and 2).Solve for x.

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