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If 16.9 g of CO2 was produced from the thermal decomposition of 41.83 g of CaCO3, what is the percentage yield of the reaction?
CaCO3(s) > CaO(s) + CO2(g)

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    Calculate the theoretical yield

    41.83 g of CaCO3 *(1 mole/100.08 g of CaCO3)= moles of CaCO3

    SInce the mole ratios are equal, moles of CaCO3=CO2 moles of CO2

    moles of CO2*(44.01 g of CO2/moles of CO2)= g of CO2 from the theoretical reaction.

    (16.9 g of CO2 was produced/g of CO2 from theoretical rxn)*100= % yeild

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