March 24, 2017

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Most digestion takes place in the _____. (1 point)

large intestine
small intestine

The large intestine maintains ___________ by absorbing water from the _______, or undigested mass. (1 point)

homeostasis; chyme
digestion; saliva
mechanical digestion; enzymes
homeostasis; bile

My answers:
4. small intestine
5. homeostasis; chyme

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    Number 4) the answer to number 4 would be the small intestine, unless it is asking about protien, in which case it would be the stomach.

    Sorry, I don't know the answer to 5!
    hope this helped though!

  • 7th grade science help ASAP 2 questions! - ,

    22. The joints highlighted in the image below are ______________ joints.

    image of transparent body with the spine highlighted

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