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A particle starts from the origin at t = 0 with an initial velocity of 5.4m/s along the positive x axis.If the acceleration is (-3.4 i + 4.9 j )m/s^2, determine (a)the velocity and (b)position of the particle at the moment it reaches its maximum x coordinate.

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    v(t)=vi+a*t is i the axis?

    p(t)=po+vi(t)+1/2 a t^2
    for max coordinate.
    p'(t)=vi+at=0 in the x direction...
    t=-vi/a= -5.4i/(-3.4i)=5.4/3.4) seconds

    p(that time)=vi*t + 1/2 a t^2 you know vi, t, and a.

    the velocity at that time?

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