March 3, 2015

Homework Help: Just some LA q's, Ms.Sue please

Posted by Someone on Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 2:47pm.

1. When you summarize an informational article, you should (1 point)
leave out minor details.
use the author's words, including direct quotations.
leave out important details.
include as much information as possible.
2. Why might a scientist choose to categorize scientific information in a summary? (1 point)
to help readers relate a scientific topic to their own lives
to give readers a quick way to understand a complex subject
to offer readers a chance to voice their own opinions
to pose questions for futher scientific research
3. Which of the following statements about action and linking verbs is true? (1 point)
An action verb is a something that can be done.
A linking verb connects the subject of a sentence with a noun, descriptive word, or phrase.
Some verbs can be either action or linking verbs depending on how they are used in a sentence.
all of the above
4. Which of the following verbs is an action verb? (1 point)
5. Which type of verb appears in the following sentence?

Hawaiian pizza always tastes good to me. (1 point)
linking verb
action verb (physical)
action verb (mental)
helping verb

My answers:
1. D
2. B
3. D
4. C
5. A


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