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What structure do you get when you mix benzoic acid with H3O+? Where benzoic acid is a benzene ring with COOH attached to one of the hydrogens in the ring?

Please help!

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    These reactions usually occur with more then H3O+; is it just benzoic acid and H3O+, or is their something else, such as LiAlH4? If it is then you should get phenol, if not then I am not sure.

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    With straight H3O^+ there is no reaction with benzoic acid. It shifts the equilibrium of the benzoic acid to the left but that's all.
    C6H5COOH + H2O ==> H3O^+ + C6H5COO^-

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    Okay thank you! I believe I figured it out as the H3O+ was just apart of a previous reaction that had occurred. They were put separately so it threw me off at first

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