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2. Given the following data, calculate the Keq for the denaturation reaction of β-lactoglobin at 25 oC.
Δ Ho = -88 kJ/mol, Δ So = 0.3 kJ/mol

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    dGo = dHo - TdSo
    Solve for dG.
    Then dG = -RT*lnK
    Solve for K.
    Use 8.314 for R and 298.15 for T.

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    Dr. Bob222 is completely correct about how to get the answer, but I think I know why you posted the question in the first place. You are correct to be kind of confused because ΔG does not equal ΔG'°, and they are not the same thing. However, since β-lactoglobin is the reactant and product for its denaturing, ΔG= ΔG'°. Looking at the equation:

    ΔG= ΔG'°+ RTlnQ


    since the products= the reactants, Q=1 and ln(1) is equal to 0, so ΔG= ΔG'°. With that being said, you can use ΔG=-RT*lnK or K'eq=10^(-ΔG'°/1.36) and solve for K'eq; both equations are the same.

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