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Posted by Blake on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 9:05pm.

1. Walking consumes approximately 100 kcal/mi. In the hydrolysis of ATP (ATP → ADP + Pi), the reaction that drives the muscle contraction, ΔGo’ is -7.3 kcal/mol (-30.5 kJ/mol). Calculate how many grams of ATP must be produced to walk a mile. ATP synthesis is coupled to the oxidation of glucose (ΔGo’ = -686 kcal/mol). How many grams of glucose are actually metabolized to produce this amount of ATP? (Assume that only glucose oxidation is used to generate ATP and that 40% of the energy generated from this process is used to phosphorylate ADP. The gram molecular weight of glucose is 180 g and that of ATP is 507 g.

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