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Organic Chemistry

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So im trying to make 1-acetylcyclohexane from ethenylcyclohexane..and i have to make it in 4 stepsi got the first two steps but the last two is what i am unsure of..
1) Br2
2) 2 equiv NaNH2
3) ??
4) ??

i know the 1st two steps but im having trouble figuring out the last two steps here is the bank:

*excess NaNH2, then H2O
*H2, Lidlar catalyst
*H2O,H2SO4, HgSO4
*H2O2, NaOH, H2O

I originally thought it would be
2) 2 equiv NaNH2
3) H2O, H2So4, HgSO4
4) BH3/THF
....but that's wrong, can you please help me? Thank you!! :)

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