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A bee flies to a flower 549 m due south of its hive. The bee’s speed in still air is 0.58 m/s, and there is a wind blowing toward the south at 0.18 m/s. How long will it take the bee to travel to the flower and back to the hive?
Answer in units of s

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    T1 = d/V1 = 549/(0.58+0.18) = 722.4 s.
    = Time to travel to the flower.

    T2 = d/V2 = 549/(0.58-0.18) = 1372.5 s.
    = Time to travel back to hive.

    T = = T1 + T2 = 722.4 + 1372.5 = 2095 s.
    To travel to the flower and back to the hive.

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