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general chemistry

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the radius of a chlorine atom is 99 pm and its mass is 5.89 X 10^-23 grams what is the density

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    I am assuming that 99pm means pico meters, so 99pm = 99 x 10^-7 cm


    Plug in the value for radius into the equation to solve for the volume which will have units of cm^3


    Since density=mass(g)/volume(cm3),

    Solve for density,

    D= (5.89 X 10^-23 g/volume calculated in cm^3)

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    so to get volume, you do v=(1.33)*3.14*99e-7^3????

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    But, I gave you the wrong units for 99pm in cm, it should be 99x10^-10. I apologize about that

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