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Hello again.
Dear Writeacher. I'm embarrassed to bother you with the same questions you have already answered, but my problem is that I didn'n quite get it (my fault), so will you be so kind as to answer it again: do we need the article in the context "it's important to enhance cooperation with (the?)non-member states of NATO" and "it's being built for (the?)delivery of gas to Europe"? You said "I'd leave it", does it mean "I wouldn't use the article" or "I'd use it"?
Thank you for the answer to my question about "the occupation" (the reader will understand what occupation is meant from the context}.
I really appreciate all your answers and help. Thank you.

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    Oh, sorry! To me, "I'd leave it" means "I'd leave the word in there." (Not "I'd take it out!")

    I know English isn't easy, and certainly the use or omission of "the" is one of the problem areas! I think you're doing quite well.


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