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How many kilometres on the ground is 3 cm distance on the map of south africa

  • Inkambeni p school -

    That depends upon the map you're seeing.

  • Inkambeni p school -

    As Ms Sue said, it depends on the scale on your map

    Usually at the bottom of your map you will see something like this

    1 : 100 000

    What that means is that for each unit on the map you would have 100 000 of the same units in real life
    e.g for the above scale
    1 cm on the map would be
    100 000 cm in reality
    = 1000 m
    = 1 km

    so for a scale of 1 : 100000
    1 cm ---> 1 km

  • Inkambeni p school -

    The distance on ground between two places that are 7cm apart on the south africa

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