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Math Algebra

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Here the missing Infos ;-)).

The Physics of Baseball by Robert Adair -
after t seconds, starting 1 sec after 35 angle, rotating with an initial backspin of 2000 revolutions per minute, and hit about 110mph is given by
H(t)= -80t^2+340t-260 (in feet)

a)how many seconds willpass before the ball hits the ground?

The distance travelded by the ball is given by
D(t)= -5t^2+115t-110 (in feet)

b)How far will the ball travel before it hits the ground?

c)Using D(t), how far will a ball travel in 6 seconds, the time it takes it takes a high fly ball to hin the ground?

  • Math Algebra - ,

    a) just plug in H=0 and solve for t
    t = 1, 13/4

    b) just plug in t = 13/4
    D(3.25) = 210.9

    c) D(6) = 400 ft

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