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biology help plz?????????????????

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the mRNA squence below is shown along with the polypeptide which would be produced when it is translated .what polypeptide would be produced if the fifth base in the mRNA sequence shown had been changed to A as result of a mutation in the DNA from which the mRNA wa transcribed ?
Met Cys Asn Gly
fill in the boxes to show the new amino acid sequence using the abbreviated form of each one

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  • biology help plz????????????????? -

    Original mRNA strand: AUG UGU AAU GGG
    Mutated mRNA strand:AUG UA*U AAU GGG
    *mutated RNA base

    Original polypeptide:
    1.Met 2.Cys 3.Asn 4.Gly

    Mutated ploypeptide:
    1.Met 2.Tyr 3.Asn 4.Gly

  • biology help plz????????????????? -

    I am not Jiskha's bio expert, but I have a little bit of experience in the area.

    I hope this helps.

  • biology help plz????????????????? -

    thanks for ur help

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