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How does ATP supply the cells with the energy they need to work? Outline the general scheme of the ATP energy cycle.

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    ATP is what makes all living things go. When energy is needed to drive an unfavorable reaction in the human body, ATP is the energy source that cells use to drive such a reaction. ATP is turned into ADP or from ADP to AMP. The cleaving of phosphates releases energy so that the human body can carry out processes. The other part of your question: Outline the general scheme of the ATP energy cycle is something that I advise you to just google.

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    The only reason that I said to just google it is because I know it from a molecular/biochemistry perspective, and it will take me a while to type such an answer. However, it will only take you a couple of minutes to find the information that you need.

    This will help with the second sentence:

    ATP-->ADP +Pi

    Pi=phosphate group.

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