February 22, 2017

Homework Help: Chemistry Problem

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 1:25am.

Consider an ionic compound, MX, composed of generic metal M and generic halogen X.

The enthalpy of formation of MX is ÄHf° = –457 kJ/mol. The enthalpy of sublimation of M is ÄHsub = 121 kJ/mol. The ionization energy of M is IE = 433 kJ/mol. The electron affinity of X is EA = –313 kJ/mol. The bond energy of X2 is BE = 229 kJ/mol.

Determine the lattice energy of MX.

This is a problem on my homework assignment that I really don't understand. Please explain, it would help so much! Thanks!

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