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Stephanie had 24 more stickers than Jolene. Stephanie gave half of her stickers to Jolene. Jolene in return gave half of what she had to Stephanie. In the end, Stephanie had 40 more stickers than Jolene. How many stickers did Stephanie have in the end?

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    at the start:
    Joline ---- x stickers
    Steph ----- x+24

    Steph gave 1/2 of hers to Joline
    Joline now has ---- x + (x+24)/2= (3x+24)/2
    Step now has --- (x+24)/2

    now joline give half of what she has to Steph
    Joline now has ---- (3x+24)/4
    Steph now has ---- (x+24)/2 + (3x+24)/4 = (5x+72)/4

    now Step has 40 more than Joline

    (5x+72)/4 = (3x+24)/4+ 40
    times 4

    5x + 72 = 3x + 24 + 160
    2x = 112
    x = 56

    at the end Steph has (5x+72)/4 or (5(56)+72)/4 or 88 stickers

    let's check this:
    at the start:
    Joline had x or 56 stickers
    Steph had x+24 or 80

    steph gave half of hers or 40 to Joline, so
    Joline now has 96
    Steph has 40

    finally joline gives half or 48 to steph
    so Joline has 48 and
    Steph has 40+48 = 88

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