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Two sinusoidal waves with the same amplitude of 9.11 mm and the same wavelength travel together along a string that is stretched along an x axis. Their resultant wave is shown twice in the figure, as valley A travels in the negative direction of the x axis by distance d = 60.0 cm in 8.0 ms. The tick marks along the axis are separated by 12 cm, and height H is 8.4 mm. Let the equation for one wave be of the form y(x, t) = ym sin(kx ± ωt + φ1), where φ1 = 0 and you must choose the correct sign in front of ω. For the equation for the other wave, what are (a) ym (in mm), (b) k, (c) ω, (d) φ2, and (e) the sign in front of ω (1 depicts "+" and 0 depicts "-")?

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