March 30, 2017

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According to the Journal of Irreproducible Results, any obtuse angle is a right angle! Here is their argument. Given the obtuse angle x, we make a quadrilateral ABCD with DAB = x, and ABC = 90◦, andAD = BC. Say the perpendicular bisector toDC meets the perpendicular bisector to AB at P. ThenPA = PB andPC = PD. So the trianglesPADandPBC have equal sides and are congruent. Thus PAD = PBC. But PAB is isosceles, hence PAB = PBA. Subtracting, gives x = PAD− PAB = PBC − PBA = 90◦. This is a preposterous conclusion – just where is the mistake in the “proof” and why does the

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    So the trianglesPADandPBC have equal sides and are congruent ---> flawed

    You have 2 sides of one equal to 2 sides of the other, but no angles equal, so you cannot say they are congruent. (You need either SAS )

    Anything after that is bogus.

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