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College Chemistry

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what might be the reason that this is happening:

During a simple distillation i have 14ml or 50/50 hexane;toluene mixture in a 25mL round-bottom flask. However, by the time i collected 8ml of distillate there were no liquid left in the flask.

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    Some loss is due to liquid adhering to the walls of the distillation flask, condenser, etc. A second place may be that the vapor exited the distillatioln set up without condensing.

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    a mixture of 2.0 mol of co and 2.0 mol of h2o was allowed to come to equlibrium in a 1l flask at high temperature. if kc=4.0 what is the molar concentration of h2 in the equlibrum mixture?
    Co(g)+ H20 (g) ---> Co2 (g) + H2

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