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Sustem of equations. I have to solve the system of equations by graphing and solving.

Ther are thirty-three students in the Chess Club. There are five more boys than girls in the club. Write and solve a system of equations to find the number of boys and girls in the chess club.

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    number of boys --- x
    number of girls ---- y

    x+y = 33

    x-y = 5

    add them:
    2x = 38
    then in the first:
    19+y = 33
    y = 33-19 = 14

    We have 19 boys and 14 girls

    do we have 33 students ? yes
    do we have 5 more boys than girls? YES!!!!

    To graph this
    first equation:
    pick any two points so that x+y = 33
    e.g. (15,18) and (5,28) , join them

    2nd equation:
    pick any two points so that x-y = 5
    e.g.( 10,5) and (20,15) , join them

    the two lines should intersect at (19,14)

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