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What is the limiting reagent when 10.8 g water reacts with 4.7 g Na to produce NaOH and H2?

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    The first step to this problem is to write out reaction and balance it.

    H2O + Na ---> NaOH + H2

    The balance reaction looks like the following

    2H2O +2 Na--->2NaOH + H2

    This lets you know that the mole ratio between H2O and Na for this reaction to proceed must must be equal.

    Convert grams of each to moles

    10.8 g of H2O/18 g of H20/mole = number of moles H2O

    4.7 g of Na/23.0 g of Na/mole = number of moles of Na

    The compound with the least number of moles is the limiting reagent.

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