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The power P delivered to a load by a current of i amperes through a resistance of 19 ohms, when 110 volts are supplied at one end of the line, is given by the formula P = 110i - 19i2 . Determine the maximum power that can be delivered.

maximum power in watts =

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    Your umpteen posts have been removed.

    Once you write up YOUR ATTEMPT at each problem, please re-post, and someone here will be happy to comment.

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    Oh, sorry I didn't realise that I needed to provide my answer. I just want to check to see if I obtain the correct answer.

    My answer is:

    P"=-38 therefore a max

    Max Power in watts = 2.8947

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    Please re-post your questions along with your answers, and a math teacher will check your work.

    Also there's no need to switch user names.

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    Hmmm. I agree with i at 2.89 amps
    Powermax=put i in the formula for power given, and you have it.

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