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Two small balls each of mass 15g are fastened to the ends of silk threads 1m long each and hung from a common point. They attain equilibrium at a distance of 20cm from each other. If one ball has a charge of -0.6microC, what is the charge of the other ball?

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    Both threads hang at an angle sin^-1 10/100 = 5.74 degrees from vertical.

    The ratio of the vertical weight force to the horizontal repulsive Coulomb force is
    = [k*Q1*Q2/(0.20)^2]/(M*g)
    = 0.1005
    k is the Coulomb constant. You may need to look this up.
    Q1 = -0.6*10^-6 C
    M = 0.015 kg
    Solve for Q2. It will also be a negative charge.

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