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A 250-kg crate is being pushed across a horizontal floor by a force P that makes an angle of 30.8 ° below the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.224. What should be the magnitude of P, so that the net work done by it and the kinetic frictional force is zero?

Thus far, I know Pcos(30.8) = fk, where fk= (0.224)(mg+Psin(30.8)). I am not sure, however, how I can solve for the magnitude of the P.

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    no, if the force is pushing up, the term in vertical forces is mg-PSin(angle)

    P cosTheta=.224(mg-PsinTheta)

    Now, you know that for net work to be zero, friction has to be zero. which means mg-PsinTheta=0
    solve for P

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