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find the derivative of:

g(x) = interal(a=7x, b=6x) (u+5)/(u-5) du


interal(a=7x, b=6x) (u+5)/(u-5) du
= interal(a=0, b=6x) (u+5)/(u-5) du + interal(a=7x, b=0) (u+5)/(u-5) du

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    it's integral, not interal, sorry for the mistake

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    Using Leibnitz's integral rule,

    d/dx ∫[7x,6x] (u+5)/(u-5) du
    = 6*(6x+5)/(6x-5) - 7*(7x+5)/(7x-5)
    = 60/(6x-5) - 70/(7x-5) - 1

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    Thank Steve. But how do you get 60 or 70?
    or the -1?

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