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A container holds 2.2 mol of gas. The total average kinetic energy of the gas molecules in the container is equal to the kinetic energy of a 7.7x10-3 kg bullet with a speed of 650 m/s. What is the Kelvin temperature of the gas?

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    υ=2.2 mol, N₀=6.022•10²³ mol⁻¹,
    k=1.38•10⁻²³ J/K

    KE(ave) = υ•N₀•3kT/2
    υ• N₀•3kT/2= mv²/2
    T= mv²/3k• υ• N₀=
    =7.7•10⁻³•650²/3• 1.38•10⁻²³•2.2•6.022•10²³=287 K

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    formula to use is:

    T= (mv^2)/u No 3k

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