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PHYSICS 1 ..lab helllpppppppp

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1.described the motion of mud that flies off from a rapidly spinning wheel. 2.explain why the outer rail is higher than the inner rail of curve in a railroad track.
3. a 5kg mass is moving in a circle of a radius 3m at a speed of 30 m/sec.determine the required centripetal force to keep the object moving.
4. described the similarities of the motion of the earth and the motion of the rubber stopper or rubber ball in circle.

  • PHYSICS 1 ..lab helllpppppppp -

    velocity on the wheel is tangential to the wheel. Things flying off, in accordance with Newton's first law, go in a straight line

    3. what is m*v^2/r

    4. compare tension in the string with Gravitational attraction

  • PHYSICS 1 ..lab helllpppppppp -

    please answer number 1 and 4

  • PHYSICS 1 ..lab helllpppppppp -

    He did.

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