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A small object, which has a charge q = 6.7 µC and mass m = 9.60 10-5 kg, is placed in a constant electric field. Starting from rest, the object accelerates to a speed of 2.06 103 m/s in a time of 1.03 s. Determine the magnitude of the electric field.

Answer in N/C

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    The acceleration rate is
    a = 2.06*10^3/1.03 = 2000 m/s^2

    The force on the particle is
    M*a = 0.192 Newtons

    That equals Q*E, where E is the field strength and Q is the charge in Coulombs.

    E = (0.192 N)/6.7*10^-6C
    = 2.86*10^4 N/C

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